Recommended 6 Best Android Fighting Games

Playing fighting games is the most attractive thing for young people. Now there’s no need to play fighting games via PC or PlayStation, just use an Android smartphone. Playing the best android fighting games is the right step to refresh your mind.

Especially effective in reducing drowsiness after a long day of work. You can download the best android fighting games through Google PlayStore.There are various genres that can be enjoyed complete with 3D graphics to HD graphics. As a result, players will enjoy a realistic experience.

6 Best Android Fighting Games

Generally, games that have a fighting genre feature fierce battles. Whether it’s using bare hands or weapons.

Not infrequently some of the best android fighting games below are inspired by the characters of the big screen films. So that you don’t get more curious, consider the following review!

1. Real Steel Boxing Champions

One of the best android fighting games inspired by the big screen movie Real Steek Boxing. The game shows an interesting fight between robots. Plus the sound effects and 3D graphics are so real.

Players can choose the robot character to be played. Complete with weapons, additional equipment, and situs judi slot online skills.

2. Mortal Kombat X


Who doesn’t know the Mortal Kombat game which is very global. Now the Mortal Kombat X series is in great demand by Android users. Moreover, it can be played more freely via a smartphone. Players are also free to use skills and choose additional items for characters.

The Mortal Kombat X game seems to live up to the expectations of its fans. Moreover, its presence is equipped with interesting gameplay features and a choice of characters from the entire Mortal Kombat series. One thing that is quite controversial in this game is the fatality effect.

3. Gladiator Hero Clash: Fighting


Now the best gladiators from Rome have gathered in the game Gladiator Hero Clash: Fighting. All gladiator characters will try to beat each other. This best android fighting games contains impressive and different battles.

What’s more, players can choose the gladiator battle theme as they wish. In addition, there are a variety of new moves and weapons to choose from. Judging from the appearance of the gameplay and visuals are also very realistic.

4. Shadow Fight 3


Shadow Fight 3 is an android fighting game that is popular for all people. This series presents different things from Shadow Fight 1 and Shadow Fight 2. Because, many innovations and improvements have been made by game developers.

Questioning the characters provided is also different from the characters from its predecessor series. Now the Shadow Fight game is even more interesting and guaranteed to be addictive. Players can also change their armor and armor according to their wishes.

5. Marvel Contest of Champions


For all Super Hero Marvels lovers, this one game is very suitable to be played. Marvel Contest of Champions has been named as one of the best android fighting games ever.

The theme and game characters are adopted from Marvels super heroes like the big screen films. Including the latest Marvels characters and complementary items.

To be able to collect Marvels characters, players need a long time. Because, there are many missions and opponents to beat.

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6. Transformers Fighting


Transformers fighting is a fighting game based on the Transformers movie title. In the game, it will feature a battle between robots like the transformers film.

In fact, the robot characters available are exactly the same as the big screen film. The advantage of this game is an attractive and high-quality graphic display.

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