Online Slot Betting: The Best Amount to Bet On Slots

Bet on Slots – Bankroll management is one of the most important things in online slot betting. If you play without having a good bankroll management strategy, then you can experience a big loss and end up losing all your playing funds. Related to this bankroll management, knowing the ideal amount of bets to play slots is also included in it.

Until now very few gamblers know about the ideal amount you place as a bet for every online slot betting you do.

But actually, what is the best amount to bet on slots?

In this post, I will discuss more about this and also how to manage your bankroll well. Immediately, the following is a complete review that I have prepared for you.

Average Amount of Bet on Slots

Based on the information I quoted from the sports geek page, it was explained that the average bet amount in each online slot game was 0.2$ to 100$/spin. But, there are also online slots that offer a maximum bet number of 1000 $/spin.

Online Slot Betting: The Best Amount to Bet On Slots
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What is The Best Amount for Online Slot Betting

If you are asking what the good amount of bet for each slot game session is, there is actually a strategy that you can use to find that. This strategy is known as the Stop Loss Strategy. However, what exactly is this strategy and how do you use it?

Stop Loss Strategy

This Stop Loss Strategy is a strategy used to find the ideal amount of funds that you can use to play slots for each game session. Among professional gamblers, most of them use a maximum number of 10% of the bankroll to get their Stop Loss.

Application of Stop Loss Strategy

As a simple example:

For example, you deposit 700$ into your bankroll. If you refer to the previous 10% rule, then the amount of funds you can spend for one online slot game session is a maximum of 10% of your bankroll amount. So the maximum amount of stop loss is 70$.

Best Amount to Bet on Online Slot Game/Spin

Last question, what is the recommended bet amount for each online slot game spin?

For this question, there are also specific strategies you can use. This strategy itself is part of the previous stop loss strategy. There is no specific name for the strategy, but the concept is almost the same as the previous stop loss strategy. The difference is, you will use your stop loss in this calculation.

To find the best amount of bet per spin, you only need to limit your bet amount to a maximum of 1% of your stop loss.

As a simple example:

For example, your Stop Loss is 70$, then the maximum bet amount per spin is a maximum of 1% of 70$, which is 0.7$.

That is a few reviews from me regarding the best amount to bet on slots. Again, knowing well the ideal amount of bets and also doing bankroll management are very important things to learn related to online slot betting.

Make sure that you learn this first before playing a situs judi slot online game. Hopefully this post is useful and don’t forget to follow my blog for more interesting articles. Thank you. / Dy

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