ClubGG Poker Review: A Social Poker for Mobile Devices

In this ClubGG poker review, GGPoker delivered a huge news bomb by releasing a separate poker mobile app for private games online towards the end of January 2021. 

ClubGG Poker, a product to compete with popular poker apps like Poker Bros, Pokerrrr 2, and X-Poker, is now in Beta for people to try out. This entry into the social poker app market comes as no surprise to industry insiders.

GGPoker dropped a major bombshell by announcing the release of a second poker mobile app for online private games towards the end of January 2021. 

ClubGG Poker, a program designed to compete with popular poker apps such as Poker Bros, Pokerrrr 2, and X-Poker, is now available for testing in Beta. Industry insiders are not surprised by its debut into the social poker app market.

Best ClubGG Poker Review

If you’ve ever played on the GGPoker mobile app, you’ll see that the ClubGG Poker room uses a similar engine. During our mobile poker software testing, we played Texas Hold’em and 4-card Pot-Limit Omaha. 

Our best guess for a description of the program is social poker. Emojis, a seamless bet slider, and a graphically clean hand history feature are just a few of the fascinating features of the app.

1. How to Sign Up? 

It’s quite simple to get started with ClubGG. Simply search for ClubGG Poker in the App Store or Google Play Store and download the app. You can also go to and download and install their app on your device. You may also join our player waitlist to obtain early access to ClubGG cash games.

2. How ClubGG Operates?

According to GGPoker’s Head of Marketing Operations Paul Burke, ClubGG was introduced to the poker market to address a need in the GGPoker app’s home game function. While the specifics of ClubGG’s business model have yet to be revealed, we believe it will be decentralized, similar to other play money poker applications. 

This would imply that the games are run by unions made up of poker clubs. Because there are currently features that allow you to create a club and search for unions, this theory makes sense and is logical when considering the app’s goal: To provide a mobile game experience similar to that of a home game.

The ClubGG Poker app’s mission, however, is to provide a platform for playing rather than to provide real money poker services. ClubGG poker clubs and unions will be responsible for opening and hosting cash game tables and poker tournaments.

3. The Interface

The ClubGG app’s poker experience is nothing short of extraordinary. NSUS Ltd, the private corporation behind GG Network and GGPoker, produced the hand history review, emoticons, and other components. The gameplay and animations are as smooth as you’d expect from a GGPoker product. In our testing, we didn’t notice many issues – the only thing that can be a a little unpleasant is the placement of emoji animations, which can obscure your hole cards a little – at least if you use them much!.

We have some excellent news for high-volume players: you can play up to four tables at once using the multi-table option. Swiping between tables is lightning fast, and the timer pops against the table’s background. 

Checking, betting, and raising the table with buttons and sliders? You guessed it: they’re well-thought-out and skillfully executed.
In the end, even though this is purely speculation at this time, private clubs and agencies are expected to handle deposits and withdrawals for their players. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are popular deposit and withdrawal options. That is our ClubGG poker review that can be your consideration.


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