Hidden Gem’s return to Sandys Row

In 2006 Henry and Jeremy Freedman (Father and son / Board Members) discovered a selection of framed documents that had been forgotten for over a generation in our basement. These documents of variying sizes were unreadable when found and in a terrible state because the damp conditions.

In January 2012, after years of conservation and cleaning made possible by a family donation, these documents have returned to Sandys Row Synagogue and what they commemorate are mind boggling.

The largest document turned out to be the inception plaque of our community. It reads ” The daughters of Isreal” – and lists 50 women’s names. Our founding members dedicated this community – this society of loving kindness – in honour their wives. Incredable, when you think this was London in the 1850′s – these people where pioneers!

The second document to be conserved was a Velum – commissioned by the entire community to honour the board of management of 1905 – “for having at  great sacrifice to private duties devoted considerable time and energy to ensure the sucess and so to added to the beauty and improvment of the synagogue”.

The Third document was hand painted certificate – honouring Chazzan Bereshit 1919 “J.S. Polack Esq.”

These documents you see here sat for over 70 years in our then dank and filthy basement.

They now proudly on the walls of our synagogue and will never forgotten again.

We have dozens more items that need immediate attention – we are desperately seeking sponsors to help us. If you would like to make a donation please click here or contact us.

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