Is PokerStars Trustworthy? Will You Get A Big Bonus from The Game

Is PokerStars trustworthy? Well, following the great fortune of hosting back-to-back WSOP champions with Chris Moneymaker in 2003 and Greg “FossilMan” Raymer in 2004, PokerStars essentially rose to prominence and became an unstoppable powerhouse.

With the addition of Joseph Hachem in 2005, they were guaranteed three years of huge exposure during the peak of the poker boom.

The Top World Poker Traffic

Despite their decision to continue to accept US players, they became the largest online poker room in 2007.

Although becoming a non-US poker facility in 2011 as a result of the impact from Black Friday, PokerStars continues to host the largest number of players online.

1. Incredible Player Number

In fact, PokerStars has roughly the same number of players as all other poker rooms combined.

PokerStars now attracts up to 200,000 active players on a regular basis, a number that no other poker room can match.

With thousands of players attending each tournament and tens of ring games at each limit to choose from, this ultimately advantages the player.

2. The Main Draw of PokerStars

PokerStars is primarily concerned with the overall quality of the games and tournaments available.

Despite their large player volume, they have (surprise) increased their quality and feature set.

  • The program is very customisable and was created with multi-table play in mind
  • The ring game has a huge amount of traffic
  • With dozens of possibilities for players in many currencies, the cashier is one of the most robust online.

The Bonus in PokerStars

With a $600 ceiling on the 100 percent bonus, the private new player PokerStars freerolls are well worth the time invested, and the complex VIP system may undoubtedly reward frequent players with unique features.

Nevertheless, we’ve been impressed by PokerStars for more than a decade, and how they’ve tended to improve with age rather than abandoning the player trust that helped them establish their pristine reputation.

Going a step deeper, they’ve now included a $30 instant bonus option that doesn’t require any gaming to unlock, so it’ll be available to even micro-stakes players.

The Tournaments

With a $1 million guaranteed event every Sunday and $10,000+ guarantees multiple times each hour, the tournament offers are undoubtedly the greatest online.

Aside from the over-hyped press, this is a poker room that excels in every way and has no serious problems.

Due to the fact that PokerStars does not accept US players and the tightness of cash game play, it is only as “low” as it is in our overall rankings.

Is PokerStars Trustworthy?

Even if we don’t like them as a player, there’s no denying that PokerStars is one of the most trustworthy poker sites online. PokerStars is a strict follower of the rules, refusing to operate in any jurisdiction that isn’t licensed. 

They’re also one of the few online poker rooms that accept large payment processors like PayPal. We have no doubts about the game’s fairness, but we still have reservations about PokerStars for other considerations.

The Promotion Side

The lack of major promotions was previously the main problem. PokerStars has made a good decision in recent years to increase its bonus and promotional programs, which are now on par with most other Judi slot online poker rooms.

The Instant Bonus

PokerStars discreetly released what we believe is the best instant poker bonus online after years of steadfastly sticking to a drab, mediocre bonus package.

It’s an obvious attempt to entice casual dabblers, which is exactly what this shark-infested cannibal-fest needs. 

We’ve become the greatest skeptics of online poker promotions, but this is one of the few that genuinely gives you money without requiring you to play an arbitrary number of hands. Any deposit of more than $20 will earn you $30 over the course of six days.Well, is PokerStars trustworthy? The answer is yes! Finally, rather than the poker site simply covering its backside, it demonstrates faith in the participants. They’re providing you something tangible without requiring you to demonstrate your worth.


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