Mega Don Slot Review: RTP 96% (Play’n GO)

Are you looking for the Mega Don slot review? After looking at the statistics, it seems that, despite the (understandably primordial) fear that many people have of sharks, it is actually us that they should be wary of. 

The number of sharks killed annually is estimated by the journal Marine Policy to be 100 million, however other sources place the figure closer to 273 million. Based on the lower estimate, there are 11,416 shark deaths per hour, per day, per year. We are unsure of how to interpret this information.

Is it going to be too long before all sharks die extinct like their Megalodon ancestor? There seem to be a lot of dead sharks. Megalodon, which means “large tooth,” prowled the waters between 23 and 3.6 million years ago and has since appeared in, or is at least mentioned in, a Play’n GO online slot.

Best Mega Don Slot Review

Although Mega Don, not Megalodon, is the title, the association is still there. Players are placed in the realm of the sharks in a game about sharks, beneath the waves in some sparkling aquatic world. 

Another connection we made was with the venerable Razor Shark game from Push Gaming. The toothy beast from Push’s vintage shark-themed game is very similar to the Mega Don symbol in this game. 

However, it’s possible that some similarity is unavoidable when choosing forward-facing sharks, and moreover, Mega Don as a whole is a completely distinct animal. The soundtrack is more emotional than the background imagery, which is a little flat. It changes from upbeat ambient when not much is going to Jaws level tension as the action ramps up.

1. Volatility and RTP

Like the music, Mega Don slot review’s mathematical model is highly volatile, providing a default RTP of 96% while swinging all over the place. 

Mega Don, a 5-reel, 4-row slot machine, offers 1,024 opportunities to win when three identical symbols land on consecutive reels starting from the left. Any device can be used, and the stakes per paid game round range from 10 cents to £/€100. Highest RTP slots you can see in Aw8!

2. Paying Symbols

The paytable and gameplay of Mega Don slot review are evocative of the guidelines outlined in Jack London’s book “White Fang”: “Life lived on life.” Both the eaters and the eaten existed. Eat or be devoured was the rule. 

Players can choose between three high-paying sharks, which are worth 2-4 times the stake for five of a kind, and six low-paying fish, which have values ranging from 0.4 to 1x the wager for five of a kind. 

The wild symbol, which has a jaw design and may be used to replace any other symbol outside the scatter, is lending a helping hand, teeth, or whatever.

3. Game Features

Both of Mega Don slot review’s features revolve around symbol changes, which take place both in the base game and in the free spins.

Snack Time

Up to three randomly chosen low paying fish symbols from the original game may be chosen for an upgrade. The picked fish are changed into a particular kind of higher-paying shark symbol if they land on the reels.

Shark Feast

There are scatters on every reel, and the layout changes depending on how many you need to land to start the bonus round:

  • 6 free spins with 1 upgrade symbol are awarded for 3 scatters.
  • 9 free spins with 2 upgrade symbols are awarded for landing 4 scatters.
  • 12 free spins with three upgrade symbols are awarded for 5 scatters.

Similar to the Snack Time feature, the upgrade symbols are changed into random shark symbols when they show up on the reels during free plays. Until the free spins round is through, the upgraded symbol that was chosen remains in that state.

Our Conclusion

Despite the top pay symbol being familiar, it’s not Razor Shark. The base game drags along like a tugboat, mostly just blowing bubbles and occasionally scoring a win. The pulse might occasionally speed in response to a sonar ping warning of a potential Snack Time trigger. 

In conclusion of Mega Don slot review, having so many chances to win situs judi slot online terpercaya rather than relying on paylines to link fish or sharks isn’t a terrible idea, and Snack Times might also be rather good.

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