Professor Clanks Combinator Slot Review (RTP 96.01%, Low Volatile)

Are you wondering what Professor Clanks Combinator slot review looks like? ReelPlay, an Australian developer, appears to have taken a break from releasing Infinity Reels slot deposit pulsa to focus on things like their 10K Ways mechanic and brand new projects. 

This game is one of the newest items which appear from the ReelPlay production line. Explosions, Morphs, Boosters, and a special Bonus Respins round are among the highlights in this scientific explosion of visuals, sounds, and rowdy characters.

Best Professor Clanks Combinator Slot Review

Professor Clank’s Combinator Slot Demo

Sorry if this comes out as judgmental, but a name like Professor Clank brought up pictures of all sorts of weird scientific activity. ReelPlay, who created a Steampunk-style workshop filled to the rafters with all sorts of brass-based gadgetry, seems to agree. 

Design and Theme

This game is a bright and colorful mpo slot with a workshop that fizzes, pops, and jiggles in rhythm with the action on the reels, similar to Money Mariachi. Professor Clank’s Combinator has a playful Machinarium, Bioshock Infinite feel to it, which makes it fun to discuss.

Paying Symbol

The cranking and clanking takes place on a 6-reel, 3-row game grid with up to 707 ways to win. Clank’s experimental tickets start at 0.25p/c before escalating to £/€25 each spin on all devices. In this low-volatile slot, around every fourth spin results in a win, resulting in a potential return value of 96.01%.

Professor Clank’s Combinator’s paytable begins with welded steel-looking card royals (9-A), which pay 0.5 to 1.2 times the stake for six of a kind, before moving on to higher-value spanners, blasters, goggles, and robots, which pay 2-10 times the bet for 6 of a type. All symbols save the scatter are replaced by the Professor wild symbol, which occurs on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Slot Features

Professor Clank’s Combinator’s main objective is to unlock the Bonus Respin feature, but along the road, players will encounter Explosions, Morphs, Boosters, and Drops, all of which are linked. Let’s have a look at what we’ve got.

1. Explosions, Morphs, Boosters & Drops

All non-winning symbols, excluding scatters, are removed from the reels when a winning combination appears. Those who remain are relegated to the lowest spot on their reel. 

If more than one symbol type survives after the explosions, they all morph into the top paid symbol available. If any previous winning symbol is no longer in a winning position after Explosions and Morphs, additional matching symbols are placed on one or more adjacent reels to make it a winning symbol.

A new symbol is placed at the top of every column that is less than 5 symbols high after Explosions, Morphs, or Boosters have occurred. Any symbol dropped that increases the win is preserved, while the rest (excluding scatters) explode. An extra Drop is activated if the new symbol’s win value is higher than it was before the Drop. The final win value is delivered when no further Drops occur.

2. Bonus Respin

The Bonus Respins round is triggered when you get 5 or more scatter symbols. All non-scatter symbols burst and fall to the bottom of the grid, resulting in three respins. Each respin adds a new symbol to every column that is less than 5 symbols tall. 

While non-scatter symbols explode, new scatter symbols are held and the spin count is reset. Every scatter in view offers a cash prize of 1-100x the bet or a bonus prize when the respins run out. Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum are bonus awards of 10x, 50x, 250x, and 2,000x the bet, respectively.

3. Gamble

When the bonus round is finished, players can gamble their winnings. A green and black segmented wheel can be spun up to three times to accomplish this. You have the option of multiplying your gains by 1.25x to 10x and risking half or all of your winnings.

4. Buy Bonus

The Bonus Respins feature can be bought for 50 times the bet by eligible players. This begins a spin if at least five scatters are landed.

Final Results

This game’s characteristics may look complicated when written down, but they are simple in practice. It’s a matter of landing winning combinations in the base game, then hoping that more matching symbols are added to boost the win. You can get the best by playing on slot game online.

The bonus game is pretty much the same hit as many reward symbols as you can before the spins run out and claim your cash. Instead, risk them for a chance to increase your winnings. 

However, unlike the kind of gamble features ReelPlay has used in games like Bananaz 10K Ways, failure means you lose everything instead of dropping down a notch on the multiplier trail. In the end, that is our Professor Clanks Combinator slot review

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