Robin Nottingham Raiders Slot Review: RTP 96.10% (Yggdrasil)

Are you looking for the Robin Nottingham Raiders slot review? This game is one of the slots created in collaboration between Yggdrasil Gaming and Peter & Sons, and the results are impressive. 

Naturally, we’re looking at a Robin Hood-themed slot, though this one takes us to Nottingham rather than Sherwood Forest. Next to the game’s name, the graphics and the top jackpots available inside are two of the most significant advantages.

A Brief of Robin Nottingham Raiders Slot Review

You’ll be playing on 5×4 reels with 20 active paylines. Use them to your advantage, along with the rest of the game’s features, and you could win the slot’s top jackpot, worth up to 121,500 times your stake ($1,215,000 cash). 


Despite the high volatility, RTP manages to hit the sweet spot, with a predicted RTP of 96.10%. Scatters, free spins with multipliers, and roaming wilds are just a few of the special features that will help it stand out.

1. Betting Options

In comparison to other new online slots from these developers, bets in Robin Nottingham Raiders will be lower. A single spin can be wagered up to $10, with the starting value of $0.20.

What this game excels at is delivering a large top jackpot, which is the type of prize that everyone craves. It may not be realistic, and the chances of hitting the top jackpot are 1 in 1 billion spins, but you can at least try to hit the 121,500x target set by the game. 

It could mean up to $1,215,000 in cash if you place the maximum bet, making you a millionaire. A highly volatile slot machine with a 96.10% RTP, otherwise.

2. Game Features

Wild symbols are available in a variety of forms, including coins with the king’s face minted in Silver or Gold. Silver Coins are the standard wilds that will appear on the reels and can be used to form new combos.

Gold Coins are unique wilds that you can use as well as collect on the special meter on the right side. To activate one re-spin, you’ll need 9 of these special wilds. 

For this round, all of the wilds you’ve collected will be randomly placed throughout the game area. Sadly, several of them may land in the same place at the same time, causing you to lose some.

You can’t change the wager once you’re close to activating the re-spin because you’re collecting wilds for the current bet level.

In exchange for 3 or more scatter symbols landing in a single round, the other major feature will award you 15 free spins. In this mode, there are more Special Wilds (Gold Coins) to collect. 

You get three extra spins for every three you get, and then the wilds appear on the reels. They’re used as Roaming Wilds, which move around the screen with each spin. There can be a maximum of 9 Roaming Wilds on the reels.

If several Roaming Wilds appear on the same reel, multipliers are implemented. With 3 wilds, you get a 2x multiplier, and with 4 wilds, you get a 3x multiplier. If you have several multipliers to use, they are multiplied by each other.

3. Theme and Design

Although the setting is different from what you might expect, Robin Hood’s gang is present in Nottingham, ready to steal from the rich and give to the poor (us, players). 

The graphics are stunning, depicting a diverse cast of characters and objects in a cartoon-style with a level of detail that we adored.

Let’s start with the feature triggers, which show Silver and Gold Coins as well as the Lion heraldry. Regulars show us pictures of King John, Robin Hood, a Knight, Lady Marian, Friar Tuck, bow, stick, a quiver, mug, swords, and a chicken drumstick, among other things.

Our Conclusion

In conclusion of Robin Nottingham Raiders slot review, the game is a stunning slot machine with one of the highest top prizes in the industry, a solid RTP, and a unique mix of special features. There’s a lot to see and do here, and we think you’ll have a good time play this game at Judi Slot Online Gacor.

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