Sea of Riches Slot Review: Medium Volatility RTP 96.0% (iSoftBet)

Are you looking for the Sea of Riches slot review? In the piratically themed game, developer iSoftBet travels to the seven seas for their first-ever cluster paying grid gambling slot. Despite the fact that they chose a typical theme, iSoftBet’s treatment of the subject matter keeps their choice from becoming a problem. 

Sea of Riches may not be a genre-defining experience due to its Play’n GO-inspired features, but each part complements the others to form an enjoyable overall. Sea of Riches won’t please everyone, specially dedicated grid slot fans, due to a few technicalities, but others are likely to love its less intense gameplay.

Bst Sea of Riches Slot Review

The splash screen, which displays palm tree-lined, turquoise seas of somewhere warm and exotic, gets Sea of Riches off to a terrific start. Although a shark-shaped tunnel in the background suggests risks, Sea of Riches isn’t a large-scale game. 

A 6×6 grid stands in the center of it all, where clustering takes place, and two collection meters sit on the right-hand side. 

Its dynamic background displays crashing waves and strong winds whipping clouds at breakneck speed, indicating ideal sailing conditions for pirates. It all adds up to an appealing setting where you can try your luck, complete with a sassy pirate captain and a jig-inducing soundtrack.

1. Volatility in The Slot

The typical iSoftBet range of bets is available, starting at 20 p/c on the low end and reaching £/€20 per spin for those with greater pockets. The studio may have set volatility at a medium degree to reach out to a wider audience. 

The cluster payout feature in Sea of Riches creates a win when 5 or more matched symbols are joined horizontally or vertically. The winning clusters are removed by a cascade mechanism, and symbols slide down to fill in the gaps. This process goes on until there are no more clusters that appear.

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2. Pay Symbols

The game’s symbols are boring, but they do the job – 5 coins show on the lower side of the paytable, while 4 jewels appear on the upper. 

Clusters of 15 or more symbols are the most valuable, with prizes ranging from 3.75 to 150 times the entire bet. This part is completed with a tentacle-wrapped wild, which can be used to complete clusters by replacing any paying symbol.

3. Slot Features

The traditional grid gambling slot machine pattern has been followed by iSoftBet, with recurrent cluster winnings triggering modifiers and free spins. A map collection feature sits atop this structure, rotating players through different stages.

Bottle symbols carry a piece of the treasure map, and players advance to the next level after collecting 25 pieces. There are a total of four levels; after level four, you return to level one. Each level features its unique Wildseas modifier, which appears on each losing spin at random.

In addition, every winning cluster on the reels raises the Captain’s Compass to a new level, triggering a separate reel modifier.

If the Captain’s Compass is filled with 48 or more winning symbols, 5 to 15 Stormin’ Free Spins are awarded. During free spins, lightning may hit the compass up to three times on a winning spin, each time awarding a win multiplier. Once a multiplier has been used, it will not be used again until the following free spin.


The game has a lot of good things going for it as a first-grid slot game. The water of Riches was a wonderful game to play from the minute the colorful Caribbean sea lit up the load screen. The audio-visuals drag you into the realm of the salty sea dog and do their best to keep you entertained while you’re there. 

Clusters appear on a regular basis, triggering modifiers, accumulating map pieces, and eventually unleashing free spins. 

While the skipper jabbers away, lighthearted pirating music bobs along in the background, shouting out features as they trigger. The mood is upbeat, and it’s difficult not to join in. Finally, that is pokerlegenda Sea of Riches slot review

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