Sidewinder Slot Review – Betting Opt and Slot Features

Do you need this Sidewinder slot review? It may appear to be simply another 5 reel slot with a traditional theme at first glance, but with its features and layout, this JFTW game and Microgaming exclusive will provide a truly unique experience.

Its name is also the name of its main feature, and the gameplay is similar to that of Rainbrew, a game that was released just one month before it.

A Brief of Sidewinder Slot Review

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If certain features are triggered, there will be 243 to 1,125 chances to win on 5 reels with up to 3-5-5-5-3 symbols on them. 

This game offers three different types of wilds, as well as free spins and the Sidewinder feature. Individual payouts are only up to $800, but free spins wins of up to $136,000 are possible. Juts check our complete Sidewinder Slot review below.

1. Betting Options

The first part our Sidewinder Slot review is about betting option of this game. Because Sidewinder uses a conventional betting system, it will not necessarily adapt to the various methods to win. You simply have to choose the total bet; everything else is optional. It ranges from $0.10 to $100.

You should be looking forward to the free spins and the Sidewinder feature when it comes to the prizes. 

With three expanding wilds on the reels, you might earn up to $136,000 each spin, which is only achievable when the maximum bet is chosen. Individual wins in the game are only $800, which is unlikely to make you delighted.

The RTP is one of the aspects of the game that we are familiar with. It’s set at 96.02%, with the Sidewinder feature accounting for the majority of it (50.66%), followed by the Free Spins (27.93%), and the base game (27.93 percent) (17.43%). It’s obvious which part of the game will earn you the most money.

2. Slot Features

The Sidewinder feature is mostly what distinguishes these games. Two more horizontal reels, covering the top and bottom portions of the middle three columns, are required. 

Top and Bottom Wilds must be landed on them to activate them. This boosts the number of ways to win to 576 or 1,125 by adding another row of symbols to the middle reels.

There are 3 types of wild symbols accessible, two of which are represented by the ones that land on the horizontal reels, and a third that is employed as a standard wild. All of these wilds can be used as substitutions in the creation of new combinations.

Free spins will be a prominent part of the game. These appear when Sidewinder symbols appear on the 2nd and 4th reels. The Sidewinder icon appears on the horizontal reels, which have been triggered. 

If you get three of them, you’ll get six free spins. If you get four of them, you’ll get ten free spins. If there is one of each in appropriate locations on the two horizontal reels, the wilds can increase during the free spins.

3. Theme and Design

The last part of our Sidewinder Slot review is about theme applied on this game. It’s important for a game with a traditional concept to have other components to keep the player interested, and we believe Sidewinder achieves this. 

Nonetheless, the classic theme has been well-designed in this case, and it isn’t as boring to play as some of the other slots. The graphics used as symbols are typical; nothing about them will surprise you. The logo of the bar, red 7s, bells, gold stars, and card suits are all present.

Final Words


In conclusion of the Sidewinder slot review, it isn’t a horrible game, and the classic theme it uses does not, on the contrary, reflect what you’ll find within. It’s a contemporary game with unique features and a medium level of volatility. If you want to try out the enjoyment of playing this Microgaming slot game, you can do so at any of the Microgaming-supported betting sites. To find it, use particular keywords such as microgaming betting sites, microgaming slots, slot online terpercaya microgaming and so on in an online search.

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