Know The following 5 Slot Gambling Term to Become a Pro Player

Online slot gambling is a very popular game today. Even though the game is easy, sometimes beginners have difficulty because they don’t understand the existing slot gambling term.

Do you know what the jackpot or payline means? These two terms are terms that often appear in slot gambling. It’s a shame if you don’t understand the term.

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Want to become a pro player? Know the following 5 slot gambling term!

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The first slot gambling term that is often used is slots. As the name suggests, slot gambling, this slot means the number of rows or columns in the machine.

Well, usually each machine has three to five slots and of course numbers and pictures. The numbers or images are different for each type of slot machine used.

Progressive Jackpot

Why do players often mention jackpots or progressive jackpot slot machines? Of course, there is a reason because this term indicates how much profit the player will get.

This profit means the amount of success you get, and the number will continue to grow until a winner is found. Therefore, players are very happy if the jackpot value on the machine continues to increase.

Is this jackpot always on every slot machine? The answer is yes. Because this is one of the things that players are eyeing on. In addition, the jackpot is an attraction for people to play in this game.


The third slot gambling term that you must understand on online slot gambling sites is payline. The payline is a line that determines the success or victory of a player.

This line will be there when the roll has finished spinning and will form a certain pattern. If the symbols match what you bet, then you can be the winner.

So it’s not surprising that the payline is the determining factor in winning this game.


Scatters or commonly known as the shadow of victory are things you need to know. This mode usually displays symbols that are predicted to win, even if they are not in the order of the payline. Sometimes gambling players use this symbol, and the chances of winning are quite high.


If you’re looking to hit big wins, then make sure you know about wilds. This term is a term that describes a symbol that can change at any time in the slot machine.

All players can use this wild as one of slot gambling term to get more benefits, but there are conditions. The condition is that the bettor who wants to use it must win jointly.

Sounds difficult? For beginners, yes. But if you can use wilds then the benefits will be huge. Like a double win in a game.

Eits, but that doesn’t mean using wild will automatically win. There are two things that can be produced from this wild, first is absolute victory and second is absolute defeat.

This is because you sacrifice the bonus you get, when you win, you will get more money.

Meanwhile, when you lose, you will lose your bet along with the bonus that you have received.

It turns out that the slot gambling term are not too many, huh. Sometimes you also need to understand the numbers and images that are different on each machine. What are you waiting for? Immediately visit and satisfy yourself with all that we have to offer there.

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