Top 10 Best Casinos in London

Best casinos in London have been attracting people with money since a long time ago. Everyone understands the rule – ‘the house always wins’ – but still they come. Why? Because there is something inherently both thrilling and glamorous about these places.

Best casinos in London have persuaded more than a few millionaires to part with their fortunes while it may appear to be a riskless endeavour when your bank balance has eight digits. Here are the 10 casinos that is best in London.

As you’d expect from one of the biggest cosmopolitan hubs in the world, London has some truly great casinos. Whether you’re an all out slots types of you’re or player more into Blackjack and table games there’s plenty on offer. Here are ten of the best that every gambling that is true must see!

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Genting’s The Colony Club

You’ll discover the Colony Club by Genting in the centre associated with opulent May Fair area of London. In the event that you’ve ever played Monopoly before, you’ll know that this is certainly a seriously high-end section of town so gaming venues here are planning to offer a level of luxury not found in any casino that is old. This is a worthy it best casinos in London to visit.

Obviously, you’ll find lots of opportunities to have a flutter in the Colony Club Casino well-stocked casino floor. You’ll also find that the joint offers live music, a restaurant offering tastes of flavours from around the world, plus in The Colony Bar there is even an programme that is ever-changing of music that keeps the party going until late.

Genting’s The Colony Club is a special place for anyone that wants to join. Not just anyone can enter their club. Well for the casino itself, this place is made public for everyone to join. You can enjoy the usual games as well as the casino table top games. But people come here to get more than that.

The Genting’s The Colony Club is a place of community. People gather with a common thing inside. They are all the member of the club. Inside the club, members can dine exquisitely as well as have a good culinary experience. It is basically a lounge inside a casino. This may be something that you are looking for in your next favorite casino. So go and give it a try.

Grosvenor’s The Victoria

Despite being a chain best casinos in London, there is a  lot to like concerning the Victoria by Grosvenor. It’s a lot more stimulating than some of the other entries about this list meaning you won’t feel out of place if you forget to hold your three-piece suit and bow that is dicky.

The Victoria has a designated poker room offering cash games and regular tournaments like the Hippodrome. You’ll also find your entire favourite casino classics too. There are numerous tables that are blackjack roulette wheels, and slot machine games to help keep the action fresh.

For the eating needs the imaginatively titled “The Dining Room” offers up a variety of high-end cuisine that is international. Meanwhile, the bar area also provides snack food, coffees, and an range that is extensive of, wines, spirits, and cocktails. Each food is served hot and they have their own chefs on stand by. On top of that, the Grosvenor’s The Victoria is a place where you can dine as well as enjoy lots of food. Some may be free for you, but the other high end things would cost you a bit of money. So gamble ahead and win some chips for you to dine into their amazing restaurant.

The Hippodrome Casino

What really stands out about The Hippodrome Casino is its sheer scale. Like all the best casinos in London resorts in Sin City, this place spreads its gaming and entertainment out. Across the four floors, visitors will see multiple bars and lounges, restaurants, a theatre, as well as the Poker Stars Live designated area.

Naturally, individuals with a penchant for poker will see themselves well catered for using this huge, state-of-the-art card room specialized in one of the most exciting gambling games around. Their casino room is splitted into two rooms. First of all, you can access what is called as the main hall. In the main hall, all of the table will be arranged as usual. Anyone can access all of these games as they are made for the public. On top of that, the slot tables would also fulfill the gaming scene in the hippodrome casino. So be sure to try all of the games that they have to offer.

But the second room is where it all gets more interesting. The Hippodrome Casino is known as a mega best casinos in London. It also allows reservations for what you might call as private games. Private games are a high end consumer table. It consists of artists and so much more. This makes the Hippodrome Casino even rising more in popularity.

Crown London Aspinall’s

A person with any familiarity with high-end casinos will surely know the name Aspinall’s. It’s one of those true names that just conjures images of decadence upon hearing it.

The Crown London is everything you’d expect too. Every aspect of the accepted place are luxurious. No wonder why this place is named as one of the best casinos in London. This is why sense since you’ll have to go to Mayfair for a trip.

Crown London boasts a fantastic a number of private gaming salons. Each has a slightly different feel to it. These range between stylish and minimalist slices of modernity, to the all-out splendour associated with the Jade Room.

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The Palm Beach Casino

The Palm Beach Casino is yet another of the best Casinos in London. This is certainly also situated regarding the elegant Mayfair side of town. The venue itself has just benefited from a massive ٠ million makeover. The refurb made that which was already a gaming that is luxurious into among the UK’s most impressive eating, drinking, and of course gambling locations.

As you’d expect, the décor is opulent to put it mildly therefore the huge range of international dining options made by chef Zaman when you look at the inhouse restaurant will delight even the fussiest foodie. Couple this with a thorough cocktail menu within the lounge bar, along side a bustling casino floor and also you’ve all of the trappings of a evening that is wonderful!

Grosvenor’s The Barracuda

The Grosvenor Casino Barracuda may be the second entry on our variety of London’s 10 best casinos in London that is by leading UK casino operators Grosvenor. This place is ideal for those who’ve been indulging in a bit of typical London sightseeing and fancy a casino game, bite to consume, or a glass or two somewhere with a little bit of class. You can find The Barracuda regarding the iconic Baker Street, right near to the Marble Arch.

What really stands out in regards to the Barracuda is its awareness of their more exclusive clients. It is possible to book The White Room for private sessions if you’re far too well-to-do to cope with the riff that is average in another of London’s most exclusive nightspots!

The Ritz Club

The Ritz Club is quite literally world famous. It includes several of the most gambling that is exclusive only in London but on the planet. They’ll even get you a limousine to ferry one to their front door to really set a night of opulence off just right. The Ritz is a place with a high reputation. They are a club as well as a casino that consists of many buildings. Depending on where you are, the ritz club would most likely be in an area in which there are lots of space. Countries such as China, US, and so much more will also have the Ritz casino. That is why from this alone, you know that the ritz club is an amazing place to enjoy dining as well as a little bit of fun.

The Ritz is where a sort that is suave James Bond would come to play a few hands of blackjack or to sip cocktails you should definitely face to face. It is actually a marvelous gaming venue and no listing of best casinos in London would complete without a mention with this legendary place. It quickly gained popularity since the first the the movie was released. This place became swarmed with tourists as well as gambling enthusiasts.

Maxim’s Club Casino

Based in Kensington, Maxim Club Casino is another gaming venue that is absolutely tailored towards opulence. Featuring its three largely gold-finished gaming areas, designated whisky lounge, and international restaurant, there was literally something for all at Maxim’s. We particularly just like the restaurants sample club food menu – allowing guests to try a number of the delicacies being offered during the time that is same!

Maxim’s Club Casino is another great example of a club integrated within a casino. This place is an exquisite place and a must visit for all of your gambling lovers. Besides the gambling, they offer a great range of western cuisine. So do not forget to try these food out. The Maxim’s Club Casino is considered as a not very high gambling place. Hence you do not need to spend a lot of money to be a member. Prices may vary from time to time. So it is best that you have a quick check before you go inside one of the best casinos in London.

Les Ambassadeurs

Since you may have guessed from the name, Les Ambassadeurs is a high-end spot for a game title of cards, spin of a roulette wheel, or simply a bite of some of the best food the town of London is offering. This private members’ club is in the heart of Mayfair and operates 24 hours a day like many of our other recommendations on this list. There are a lot of attractions near this place. So just in case you are tired of gambling and needs some fresh air, all you need to do is take a step outside.

The Les Ambassadeurs is known for its high quality games as well as royalty-themed casino. Their own casino is always mind blowing and is more bizarre than ever. Recently, their games had just been updated with a lot of variety and a lot of choices. Some of which that you might already know are slots, blackjack tables, craps, texas hold em poker, baccarat, and the almighty roulette. Each of these games will surely elevate your gaming scenes. Do not forget to check out there bar at the end of the casino to get a refreshing drink. This is truly one of the best casinos in London.

Somewhat bizarrely, among the best reasons for Les Ambassadeurs may be the library that is grandiose on site. This provides guests with a  level of luxury unmatched by any of the other available choices listed here. Whilst everything about Les Ambassadeurs is regal, the library is surely its crown jewel.

Grosvenor’s The Park Tower Casino

Here’s another gaming that is great by leading best casinos in London operators Grosvenor. Again, despite being section of one of several largest casino chains in the whole world, The Park Tower really values exclusivity. It’s located in one of the higher-end parts of Britain’s capital – close to Harrods, Harvey Nicholls, and also the Mandarin Hotel.

In terms of dining, Grosvenor The Park Tower Casino is that includes a grand Modern European and Arabic restaurant which overlooks the bustling casino floor – stocked along with your favourite games.

The Park Tower also encourages its people to contact their General Manager, Alison Sullivan to really help them enjoy their time at the casino in the height of luxury.


There’s nothing understated about these Casinos in London. It’s all gold that is glinting, gleaming mirrors and a carpet which bears the tread of one thousand beautiful pairs of loafers and heart-piercing heels. Strolling around its gilded opulence, it’s no surprise that the spot has attracted a few of the most famous patrons over time.

All these best casinos in London and cater to the very best of patrons. Its a wonder for the common people. And this is very true in London, which contains some of the most lavish casino in the world. Where your eyes should be dazzled by glamour along with your shoulders will rub using the highest of big spenders.

London’s casinos are thought a number of the finest when you look at the  world. Luring the rich, therefore the incredibly rich, to their tables. Besides its casinos, you could also enjoy other varieties of entertainment. Some of which are such as sightseeing, enjoying the scenery of London’s architecture, as well as a unique culinary experience. As mentioned before, these best casinos in London are mostly integrated with a restaurant. Hence you will neer get hungry while you place your bets on a poker table.


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