About Us

We, part of the Sandys Row community, are creative people who enjoy writing and sharing stories. We have the capabilities and the technology to do it. And right now, we are right in front of you.

This site, was probably owned by the Jewish community who lived in the Sandys Row Synagogue area. We know that from the https://archive.org database. We bought this domain in the expired domain market. And decided to rebuild it with a different topic and theme.

So, this site has nothing to do with the Jewish community at all. Today, Sandys Row has grown into a portal site for business news, technology, games and more.

However, we decided to repost some of the old content. Because, we saw a link from a well-known site that referred to that page. It’s a shame if the source of the information just disappears

Old content of this site, we post and enter in the category archives. Among others are;

That is our brief introduction. Enjoy reading and enjoy what we present online.

Thank you..