Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee

A unique piece of Anglo-Jewish history has recently been discovered in an old dusty box in the basement of Sandys Row Synagogue, Spitalfields.

Found by (father & son) Henry and Jeremy Freedman – The purple velvet Bimah Cloth, dating back to 1897, is in perfect condition  and is embroidered with silk and golden metal threads. It will be on display on the bimah of this historic synagogue until the end of August to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee.

This incredible artifact has been hidden away for over a century and serves as a striking testament to this fiercely independent community’s pride in their success and respect for the British establishment which allowed them to flourish.

The east end of London has very few physical reminders that the area was once home to nearly 200,000 Jewish people (c.1900’s), but Sandys Row Synagogue is delighted to discover that it houses such remarkable artefacts.

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