Be Aware Gambling is a Sin

Indonesia is a country with the most gambling spread in Indonesia. Many people do various types of gambling. According to religion, gambling is a sin and should be avoided.

Gambling is a game that involves betting, where the winner will take over the property from the loser. In addition, gambling also has a lot of bad effects for a person. Unfortunately not everyone is aware of this and still continues to gamble.

In Indonesia, gambling has been around for a long time. From time immemorial, Indonesian people have known various types of gambling. Until now the circulation of gambling is increasing due to internet access and technological developments.


Gambling itself currently has 2 types, namely online gambling and offline gambling. Online gambling is a game that can be played without having to meet face-to-face or in groups.

On the one hand, offline gambling is gambling that is played face-to-face or by gathering between gamblers.

Offline gambling have a dealer who serves to mediate between the gamblers, the city also functions to regulate the course of the gambling.

Examples of online gambling that are widely circulated today include soccer gambling, playing rummy gambling, dice gambling, and many other types.

Different from offline gambling, online gambling does not require a dealer to mediate between gamblers. But online gambling here uses the site as their mediator. To play it is also very easy, where players only need to have an internet network, and also a smartphone.

For online gambling circulating among the public today, there are many types, including online poker gambling, online domino gambling, online soccer gambling, online qiu qiu gambling, situs slot gacor, and many more.

Gambling is a sin, whether online or offline, so it must be avoided from our lives.


Gambling is a sin, according to religion, and that is true. All religion in Indonesia, especially Islam has officially prohibited their followers from approaching gambling.

There are already many verses in the Koran that have prohibited Muslims from gambling, even if they are not responsible for the punishment that will be given later is the inclusion of a person in hell.

The threat of punishment for gambling does not only exist in religion, in Indonesia itself gambling is officially prohibited. Where the government issued a law that prohibits people from gambling.

Unmitigated in the law, there are legal threats given by the government with severe penalties. Even the government in cooperation with the police has taken decisive action by arresting several individuals or gamblers and giving severe punishments.

Not only gambling is a sin, gambling is also something that is against the law, where if someone considers that they are good citizen then he will not approach gambling and will stay away from it.

Stay away from gambling from now on because gambling is a sin. Look for more positive actions that do have a good effect on your life in the future. Never, as a citizen, dare to go against the law because of course the consequences will be great.

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