4 Beneficial Things in Review Hawaiian Dream Slot: A Japanese Slot

Hawaiian Dream slot is one of the most popular games in Japan right now even though gambling is officially banned in Japan. That’s why you won’t find casinos anywhere in that huge country.

Fortunately, there are gambling halls (phew!), where Japanese people can play on special Japanese slot machines. They are slots that you won’t find anywhere else in the world: pachinko machines and their derivative pachi slots.

Officially you play on those slot machines for fair prizes and unofficially, you can ‘just’ have your winnings paid out in cash.

Hawaiian Dream from game maker Japan Technicals Games (JTG) is one of the very first pachi slots you can play online. So you don’t have to fly to Tokyo anymore for Japanese gambling fun. 

On pachi slots you only play for the bonus round. When you get that, the money usually flows in. If the bonus does not fall, you will soon be left empty-handed.

Is playing a pachi slot qq online fun? We tried it out and played 1000 spins on Hawaiian Dream for this slot review.

Review Hawaiian Dream Slot

1. How Does the Hawaiian Dream Work?

Hawaiian Dream looks like a very simple slot machine at first glance. There are three reels with three symbols per reel and five paylines. You can play from $0.20 per spin.

The theme of Hawaiian Dream is Hawaii. In this case, that means a lot of feminine beauty and a tropical sea. The soundtrack is a mellow, sunny tune.

There are 26 different symbols on the reels! This includes monsters in all kinds of colors, coins in even more colors and three colors of sevens: red, blue and gold. Furthermore, there is a Respin symbol and a Bonus symbol.

Finally, there are three sultry surf girls who occupy an entire reel of the slot. These exciting symbols only fall during the Ultimate Rush.

Ultimate Rush?

Yes. A pachi slot is all about the bonus rounds. On Hawaiian Dream those bonus rounds are called ‘Rush’.

2. The Bonus Rounds (Rushes)

There are three types of Rush: Regular Rush, Super Rush and Ultimate Rush. You get a Rush when you spin three of the same sevens on a payline:

  • Three blue sevens is good for a regular Rush
  • Three red sevens is good for a Super Rush
  • Three golden sevens is good for the Ultimate Rush

You also get a Rush if you land three Respin symbols on a payline four times in a row. Finally, you can reach a Rush via the Bonus symbol. The Bonus symbol randomly appears after a spin. You will then receive the ‘Sunset Bonus’.

The Sunset Bonus consists of a kind of Wheel of Fortune on the back of a surfboard. Depending on where the ‘wheel’ on the surfboard stops, you will immediately win a cash prize or a Rush.

3. How The Rushes Work?

A Rush simply consists of eight free spins. In the last free spin you very often score another Rush, so bonus rounds of 16, 24 or more spins are not uncommon.

There are bigger prizes to be won in the Super Rush and the Ultimate Rush than during the regular Rush. 

In addition, during the Ultimate Rush you only play with the three surf ladies mentioned above on the reels, making you win big on almost every spin. If you don’t win a spin, you’ll move on to the Super Rush.

4. The 1000 Spins On Hawaiian Dream

We played 1000 spins in the game. In this case with the minimum bet of $0.20 per spin.

In the beginning, such an online pachi slot takes some getting used to. The slot doesn’t look that big, so we put the slot on full screen. That makes a difference.

The lock also is quite busy. Japanese players apparently love lots of flashing lights and loud carnival sounds. The first 300 spins are few and far between. We do not get Rush. And the prices that do fall mean very, very little.

When finally the first Rush shows up, it disappoints. After eight spins, the Rush stops immediately and the winnings are only $3. Fortunately, the second Rush is already much better. 48 free spins yield $17.60 in profit.

After about 600 spins, we take a whole series of Rushes in a row. It hits every few minutes. $6.52 (16 spins), $5.56 (8 spins) and an impressive $29.12 in 96 free spins. That last Rush is also the thickest, both in terms of price and number of spins.To sum up everything, The Hawaiian Dream slot is based on the Japanese gambling culture. The many light shows, busy animations and hellish fairground sounds come into their own significantly less well in an online casino than in a busy Japanese gambling hall.

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