NL Holdem Poker Tips On Mistakes

These NL Holdem Poker tips on mistakes reveal some of the biggest mistakes you’ve made at the poker table. Even if you think you know already know this, and you aren’t quite sure, you definitely could have. These NL Holdem Poker tips reveal the ones you should never do, the ones you should always be doing.

NL Holdem Poker Tips on Mistakes #1

The first and worst mistake is betting different amounts pre-flop when you have a bad hand. This is practically the biggest mistake new players make. You have to pay attention to your opponents, and make sure you are betting the same with them, or at least the same with your hands.

It’s easy to get carried away with this and ‘bet 2x what you need to’ when you have a good hand. Or you can get downright rude and start tipping the dealer. However, unless you are holding a high pocket pair, or are so sure you will win immediately. This is the wrong approach.

NL Holdem Poker Tips on Mistakes #2

The second mistake is playing the wrong cards at the wrong time. Small poker is all about maximizing your big hands. Cards that create less centers, like small connectors and low pairs, are all very strong cards.

When you have a good pocket pair, or an unbeatable hand, you are definitely strong. You are practically unstoppable. However, the moment you get committed with a big hand like a high pocket pair, or a made hand (like A-K) you are in trouble.

The problem is that you don’t really know when you are strong, and when you aren’t. You are working out the possibilities, but still, there is no real guarantee.

The worse thing is that you see players win a lot with high pairs, and then they lose with low pairs. It makes no sense to play high pairs unless you are sure you will win.

These NL Holdem Poker tips are a little quick, but a good one. If you are struggling with easy decisions that you used to make easily, and making less of an effort to make decisions, then these NL Holdem Poker tips are great for you.

NL Holdem Poker Tips on Mistakes #3

The third mistake is a little one yet very insidious. It is not playing position properly. When you sit down at a table you are in a unique position. You are sitting in a ‘pre-flop’ position which is right after the small blind and the dealer.

You are amongst the first to act so you are amongst the first players to bet, so you have a ‘free’ card for figuring out what everyone else will do. This is a great time to speculate about the cards people have, but not before you have seen what they actually have.

When you are dealt a strong hand you should always do your best to steal the pot. However, you should be wary of being called when you  are attempting to do so. If you are not sure, or your hand is not particularly good, you should not play out of position.

Being in early position is the best way to play, because you can gauge what the other players have by how they bet. Those players who act before you have not had the chance to play and guess what cards you have are you others, unless you dealt pre-flop and no one else saw your cards.

This is a great way to bluff, because no one knows what cards you are holding (assuming you didn’t tell everyone what you had pre-flop). Make a lot of money playing on judi slot which will bring new experiences to you.. / Dy

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