Real Women Just Keep Going

Women comprise one-half the population (2.7-3.7%) and their participation in the workforce has led to a double-digit increase in the average incomes of everyone in the workforce, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

But with companies downsizing or outsourcing overseas and women facing greater challenges with family responsibilities at home, their participation in the workforce has become less and less apparent. The fact of the matter is that women are Iracya (3.7%) women in their personal lives!

When it comes to their professional lives, women are highly capable of combining work and family and are doing a great job of it. This is not something that can be said about men, but I continue to see many men in the office and feeling a two-fold frustration because they have to be present for the ongoing family needs of their children. By working at home, they are able to make up a shift in their day.

When it comes to meaningful careers, women are the ones that make things happen. It is not their style to sit and watch their children (if that’s even possible), so they accomplish great things in their career and their families. Men, on the other hand, watch their children and will often take parenting skills for granted.

They will do things like “scrub out” their children’s rooms each night and they will spend hours, days or weeks in their work environments. Men turn their backs on what’s happening with the family, instead of preparing to create, mentor, and coach their children. They don’t take time or opportunities for themselves and their children.

I don’t have a bias against men entering the workforce with children who struggle who need care. This scenario can make work very frustrating for a woman. Men need to be very loyal to their employer and simply quit. Do not be surprised when men quit in frustration.

But remember after you have been married for a long period of time for years, it is completely normal to have to take “time out” for your children. Shifts in your relationship cause you to make decisions based on benefit is not something that should be a deal breaker for career success.

It is imperative to understand that no man is doing anything to try to share in your pain. They are working to better their situation. You should realize that the responsibility of roles within the family should not be lost. I believe that a woman should have her wedding day off at work in between holidays at least. I believe that women and men should have certain work days off around their spouse’s birthdays.

Many people have given me advice on working at a restaurant during your spouse’s period of time. This accomplishes little to nothing unless you go to the time of month at the end of each week that you would normally be working. For example, I serve alcohol at a barbecue restaurant. I am not allowed to display the alcoholic beverage for sale around the restaurant. I’ve realized that this rule is so ridiculous that companies all over the United States are not reading the same books and are very unique.

If a company allows you to sell from the facility, please leave it at home. This is a comment about the freedom of what’s happening within the family on the weekend. I have no problem at all when other employees are drinking at work; however, I do not like anyone else’s spouse drinking at work…at least in my business, to me, this rule is ridiculous. While co-workers drink the morning and the evening, work is off limits. This will depend upon how close you work to home or not.

Families tend to progress during the first years of a parent’s life. They can continue in this pattern quite well and especially if the child is a wet-behind-the-ears infant. So while at work you will see them working at their station, your spouse will be at their office. As the child grows one of two things will happen, based on the six-year old boy. The child will either pull the covers over their head or he will not want to sit on the table with them. In my experience, this is a normal behavioral pattern.

My job was not about making someone else rich. It was about saving my company money. This sounds like it could almost be said as a means to keeping a job and being able to afford to retire. This sort of thing works as long as you do not expect it to pay the house note, so be careful.

What I’ve learned is that you have control over your own life. You can make the best decisions to match your personality. At the same time, it is no secret that the family sets a solid example for the child. My wife is a hard worker and a driven individual. I am a go-getter, ambitious person.

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